アメリカ中西部のミネソタ在住。お仕事やプライベートの驚きをつづります。I live in Minnesota. This is a scribble of my excitement when I boldly go where I have not gone before.

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再び彼のもとへ・・・ Going to see him again

再びとんがらしに逢う日が10日後にせまってきました! 次は9月に逢う予定だったのですが、それでは離れている期間が長過ぎてムリ・・・と思っていたら、彼が急に休みが取れ、航空券を買ってくれるというので私も休みを取りました。前回は彼が来日してくれたので、今回は私が渡航する番です。また思いっきり甘えてまいります。



I'm so happy that I'll see my chili pepper in 10 days! Originally, we had planned to see each other in September, but soon I realized it's too far away to wait. Recently, he could manage to take vacation for several days and offered me an air ticket. So I took my vacation, too. This is my turn to travel to his place as he visited me last time. I'll be quite indulged by him.

By the way, I reencountered a lady whom I had met at a seminar several months ago. We had a good time with talking a lot of things :) I was so surprised when she told me her biological age. I thought she was around my age or a bit younger, but actually she turned out to be 10 years elder than I thought. It’s nice that one looks 10 years younger than her actual age. If women shine, they can be always young and beautiful, which is quite encouraging. I’ll try to be one of them :)

にほんブログ村 英語ブログへ

by kobewindy | 2013-06-29 17:46 | None of the above

ダウンサイジング Downsizing

ダウンサイジング (縮小) を実施中です。・・・と言っても、会社の事ではありません。会社の方は、ありがたい事に順調でして。今回、縮小するのは、私のプライベート。


好きな時に好きな場所に行ける心の自由は素敵です。ですが、深夜のラーメンは本当に必要か…? 皮下脂肪にもなりますし、CO2という 環境への負担にもなります。日帰り温泉は、頑張った自分へのご褒美ということで正当化できそうですが、公共交通機関の発達している日本。電車でもバスでも温泉に行けます。しかも、うちの近所にはカーシェアリングができる場所がありまして、おしゃれな外車などもささっと借りることもできます。



「日本人が長旅を準備するには、5分もあれば十分である。なぜなら、彼らには必需品というものが少ないからだ。束縛されず、家具もなく、最小限の衣類で生きられるという彼らの才能は、日々が戦いである人生において、この国民の優位性を見事に表している」ーーー ラフガディオ・ハーン『心』

I'm on the verge of downsizing. But it's not about a business, but it's about my private belongings. Thankfully, business is upsizing.

I decided to part with my car which a friend of my gave me for free one year ago. Thanks to her, I am no longer a driver in name only. I am a driver :) What's wonderful about having a car is that you can go anywhere anytime on a spur of the moment. You can go out to have Ramen in midnight, or go hot spring as a day trip. You can even drive to a coffee shop at sea shore to work when you don't have any meetings.

It's about freedom of your heart. However, is it really necessary? Ramen in midnight? No. It'll be a fat around my tummy. CO2 will be obviously a burden of our environment. Well, you can go to a hot spring as a reward for yourself after working hard. However, you can go hot spring with trains and buses. Transportation system is very much developed in this country. Besides, I found a spot of car-sharing nearby. I can even rent a stylish imported car.

I had to be brave to make this decision because it's not easy to downsize when your income is not shrinking especially. I like my car, which makes it a little difficult to decide to part with it. But, I decided it, anyway because I want to simplify things. Like Zen mindset. I can save some money for what could have been spend for the car (i.e. cost for garage, gas, insurance, etc), but I can obtain a new free space in my mind. It's about instantaneous power of mind by getting rid of physical things.

Lafcadio Hearn (1854 -1904) wrote :
"The Japanese find 5 minutes enough to be prepared for a long trip because they don't have too many necessities of life. They can live with few clothes without being restrained, without furniture. This talent represents their advantages in living battle like life.

にほんブログ村 英語ブログへ

by kobewindy | 2013-06-26 23:44 | Nomad ノマド

私のために For Me

戸塚真弓『暮らしのアート』(1995, 中央公論社) より

"I love passing by florists. It makes me feel so peaceful. If there is something that attracts me at a side glance, I cannot help but buy it. When a florist ask me if it's for a gift, I'd say Yes. It's a gift for me. "
Quote from "Art De Vivre" by Mayumi Totsuka (1995)

にほんブログ村 英語ブログへ

by kobewindy | 2013-06-22 13:26 | None of the above

電子書籍のバックアップ To backup ebooks



こうしておくと、Kindleで書籍を保有するのとは別に、パソコン内にバックアップを取り iTunesで読み込むことができます。そして、iPadや iPhoneのiBooks アプリで読むことが可能になります。万一 アマゾンが業務を停止しても(当面そんなことはないと思いますが)、手元に本が残ることになるので安心です。

To enhance my mobility, I'm getting more digital data than physical data these days. In case that there is only digital data without physical data as back-up, I decided to backup data by different digital format. For example, I wanted to backup my Kindle documents. Then, I found this article which was really useful. This tells us how to convert Kindle data to ePubs for use in iBooks. You can store ePubs on your computer as backup, besides you can read these books via iBooks app on your iPhone or iPad as well as Kindle app. Should Amazon stop its operation (though it's unlikely to happen), our books remain safely on our computers.

にほんブログ村 英語ブログへ

by kobewindy | 2013-06-18 22:26 | Nomad ノマド

ダーリンは外国人 (3)


彼: How are you, my love? ( どうしてるー?♡)


それは "Unwind"

私: I'm good. It's a beautiful Sunday. I'm rewinding at home. 元気よ。よく晴れた日曜日。家で巻き戻しているよ。

彼: Haha, Rewinding!? はは、巻き戻し中!?(爆)

私: Oh! I mean "unwinding"!! 間違えた!  くつろいでるって言おうとしたの!002.gif

彼: Rewinding works, too :) 巻き戻しでも通じるよ。

ウソです。通じないと思います・・・。Rewind と Unwind って似てるけど (私には)、意味違いますもんね。 彼は優しいので「違うよー」と言わないのです。Rewind は昔、カセットテープがあった時代使っていた単語ですね。Unwindは、ぴんと張ったものを緩めるようなイメージです。Rewindの方が身近な単語だったので言い間違えてしまいました (>_<)


私 : データが入れ替わっちゃってます。AのあるべきところにBが、BがあるべきところにAが、入れ子になっちゃってますねー。

同僚 : あれ? それを言うなら「てれこ」では・・・?

私 : あ、入れ子は違うものですね、失礼しました!!






にほんブログ村 英語ブログへ

by kobewindy | 2013-06-17 23:23 | Communication




"I'm allergic to mall." (僕、モールのアレルギーなんだ。) といきなり言うのです。やー、驚きました。ショッピング・モールが好きじゃない人は、「モール・アレルギーなんだ」って言うのか。英語って面白いなー。くしゃみまでしているし。いや、着いてから言うなっつーの!!

私: "Really? I didn't know you are allergic to this. We are here already. I wish you had told me this before we leave home!" マジ? 知らなかったよ。もうモールに着いちゃったのにー。

彼: "?? Why are you so upset? I'm okay, let's go." え、どうしたの? 大丈夫だよ、行こう。

私: "No, we cannot go because you are allergic to malls, right?"  そういうわけにはいかないわ。モール・アレルギーなんでしょ?

彼: "Oh!! lol I said I'm allergic to mold." (爆) モール(mall)・アレルギーじゃなくて、カビ(mold) アレルギーなんだよ。(爆)003.gif

私: ・・・・(爆)!!019.gif


モール = Mall の発音は /mˈɔːl/

カビ = Mold の発音は /móʊld|mˈəʊld/

両者、超似てますもんね(?)!! 私のクルマのエアコンのフィルターがお掃除不足で、繊細な彼はくしゃみが出ちゃったようです。決して、ショッピング・モールに着いたからアレルギーが出たわけではなかったようですが、私、すっかりカン違いしました。

この手のヤツはいろいろありまして。これは私の聴き間違いパターンですが、私の 発音が悪くて彼が悩んだパターンもあります。それはまた今度。

にほんブログ村 英語ブログ 英語で仕事へ
by kobewindy | 2013-06-10 20:41 | Communication

Prosperityを感じるということ Feeling Prosperity









あっ、でも重役と一緒じゃなければ 出張は今後も5,000円台のビジネスホテルに泊まると思います。窮乏体験も一つの財産というか。そういう時代も忘れたくないというか。でもそれって、祖父母世代が「戦争の頃は物資がなくてね。豊かになったからといって、ものを大切にしなきゃバチが当たるよ」って言ってたパターンと似てますね。私もトシかなー。

I stayed at a good hotel for a few days during the business trip because company executives reserved the hotel first and they told me to stay there, too. The hotel has class with good view, nice facilities and even a trainer in the gym. Needless to say, it's expensive.

I tend to think "it's too good to me" because I still remember the time when many companies suffered after the financial crisis in 2008 and we saved expenditure as much as possible. On the other hand, I remembered what my coach had said to me before. "Don't be stingy. Feel prosperity. Feel you deserve it."

What does "I deserve it" mean to me? I guess it means that I become valuable and the value I create surpasses the cost I spend. Then, I have to bring out some revenue source with what I say or act. Oh my god. But since I took this hotel already, I should enjoy it. So I decided to speak out more often than usual. It's risky to be quiet anyway because I'm working for a global company that requires employees to contribute to the organization overtly.

But I think I will stay hotels with rate of around 5,000 yen or 6,000 yen (USD 50 to 60) next time if I'm not with company executives. Difficult time is also my valuable experience and I don't want to forget it. But it also reminds me of what my grandparents would say: we suffered scarcity of things after the World War 2. Even though we are affluent now, you have to economize things otherwise you are in trouble. It's a kind of the same pattern. Maybe I'm getting old, too.

にほんブログ村 英語ブログ 英語で仕事へ
by kobewindy | 2013-06-09 20:06 | My Thoughts

口コミのチカラ Word of Mouth Power (My experience)

出張で今週は東京です。私、10年ほど前にJALのマイレージを貯め始めて以来ずっとJAL派でしたが、最近 ANA派に転向しました。


1. ANAはCAの方々の対応が良い。
2. ANA絶賛のブログ記事を読んだから。
3. ANAのマイルが貯まるスターアライアンスの航空会社に乗る機会が増えたから。

JALのサービスが悪いという事は全然ないのです。でもANAと比較するとANAにやや軍杯が上がる気がします。ANA絶賛のブログ記事とは、こちらです。 ホスピタリティを感じるサービスなんですよね。





I flew to Tokyo this week for some meetings. Though I used to be a JAL-loyalist for more than 10 years since I joined JAL FFP( Frequent Flyers Program), I switched to ANA recently for three reasons.

1. ANA's service quality is excellent especially with cabin crews.
2. I read a blog article that applaused ANA's great services.
3. I happened to have started to frequently use another airline which is a member of Star Alliance. (ANA is also a Star Alliance member. )

I think services of JAL is also quite excellent, but if I compare those two, ANA may win slightly. This article describes how wonderful ANA's hospitality was. This is actually impressive.

I received a lot of benefits from JAL's FFP, which flew me to Paris and Okinawa for free. Once you are rewarded, loyalty of a program usually can be trengthened, which means less chances of switching to other programs. I switched to other program nonetheless. I think that is probabry because I read the blog article.

ANA and JAL are in parity in terms of convenience (timetable) and price of tickets between Osaka and Haneda, Tokyo. This time I chose ANA.

Do you have any brands or switching experiences that were triggered by word of mouth or blog?

にほんブログ村 英語ブログ 英語で仕事へ
by kobewindy | 2013-06-06 22:02 | Marketing / Business

ペーパレス化・データ化 Saving data as digital form




2つめの目的は、安心です。オリジナルの書類に万一何かがあっても、バックアップ・データを持っていれば、損害が最小限にくいとめられ、万一の事が起こらなくても、普段の心の平安につながると思うのです。これは 3.11のときに痛感しました。多くの方が、津波後の被災した自宅に戻って、アルバムなどの思い出の品を探す被災者の方々の姿をテレビで見て、胸を痛めたのではないでしょうか。思い出は人の心や体の一部さえある大切なものです。




Recently, I'm altering paper documents to digital at home and office for two reasons. One is to make myself nimble and active. For example, if I can work wherever I am by using digital data on a hard drive or cloud enviroment without referring paper-based documents, I can flexibly cope with appointments and travel. Another reason is for security. Should something happen to original documents, damage can be avoided or kept at minimal if you have digital data as back-up. Even though any unexpected accidents won't happen,I think we can feel secure if you have back-up data. I felt this acutely when 3.11 happened. I believe many people broke their hearts when we watched TV where Tsunami suvivors were looking for memorabias such as photos or albums from debris. I think memories are such precious things that are even equivalent of our own bodies and hearts.

While I alter data from paper to digital, I realized we can reduce papers a lot. For example, money related records used to be saved by papers, but a lot of things were converted to electronic forms. Statements of credit cards are now e-statements, bank accounts are managed on internet. In my office, payslips are sent by PDF by email. After airlines started issuing eTickets, we can get on a plain without printed tickets. We can be get onboard with barcodes on our smartphones, at least for domestic flight.

Data above are records and proofs. To generates ideas and thoughts, I think it may be sometimes more useful to use data printed on paper because we can view paper with wider angle and get more information quickly as compared to digital screen. So, papers will still remain, but iPad can replace paper sometimes in my case.

I find always visuals important. It does not mean I like only handsome men, but I happen to prefer handsome men. (Well, it's an another story.) What I mean is that my sense of visual is predominant over other senses as long as five senses are concerned. So, I record my lecture notes in graphical forms, for example. I decided to scan these notes and save as digital data in a cloud enviroment. By doing so, I can show them to others via smartphone when necessary, which turned out to be very useful.

にほんブログ村 英語ブログ 英語で仕事へ
by kobewindy | 2013-06-03 20:31 | Nomad ノマド

シンガポール 食い倒れ編 Eat to die in Singapore


まずは中華料理。Crystal Jade というお店に行きました。






I came back home from Singapore yesterday. I was fortunate that I had such delicious food (again!).

This is Chinese food at Crystal Jede. The black soup dumplings may look weird, but it was actually delicious.

Nyonya cuisine is a fusion of Malay and Asia. Though it's spicy, but it was a moderate kind of spiciness, which was very good.

Cool desserts were so good, too!!

What? Didn't I put weight with so many foods? Well, I think okay because I jogged around the hotel. Running by the river was very refreshing.

にほんブログ村 英語ブログ 英語で仕事へ
by kobewindy | 2013-06-02 16:18 | Food