アメリカ中西部のミネソタ在住。お仕事やプライベートの驚きをつづります。I live in Minnesota. This is a scribble of my excitement when I boldly go where I have not gone before.

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カテゴリ:Marketing / Business( 11 )

口コミのチカラ Word of Mouth Power (My experience)

出張で今週は東京です。私、10年ほど前にJALのマイレージを貯め始めて以来ずっとJAL派でしたが、最近 ANA派に転向しました。


1. ANAはCAの方々の対応が良い。
2. ANA絶賛のブログ記事を読んだから。
3. ANAのマイルが貯まるスターアライアンスの航空会社に乗る機会が増えたから。

JALのサービスが悪いという事は全然ないのです。でもANAと比較するとANAにやや軍杯が上がる気がします。ANA絶賛のブログ記事とは、こちらです。 ホスピタリティを感じるサービスなんですよね。





I flew to Tokyo this week for some meetings. Though I used to be a JAL-loyalist for more than 10 years since I joined JAL FFP( Frequent Flyers Program), I switched to ANA recently for three reasons.

1. ANA's service quality is excellent especially with cabin crews.
2. I read a blog article that applaused ANA's great services.
3. I happened to have started to frequently use another airline which is a member of Star Alliance. (ANA is also a Star Alliance member. )

I think services of JAL is also quite excellent, but if I compare those two, ANA may win slightly. This article describes how wonderful ANA's hospitality was. This is actually impressive.

I received a lot of benefits from JAL's FFP, which flew me to Paris and Okinawa for free. Once you are rewarded, loyalty of a program usually can be trengthened, which means less chances of switching to other programs. I switched to other program nonetheless. I think that is probabry because I read the blog article.

ANA and JAL are in parity in terms of convenience (timetable) and price of tickets between Osaka and Haneda, Tokyo. This time I chose ANA.

Do you have any brands or switching experiences that were triggered by word of mouth or blog?

にほんブログ村 英語ブログ 英語で仕事へ
by kobewindy | 2013-06-06 22:02 | Marketing / Business

質の高いサービス Good service quality




エアラインに例えればファーストクラス並みの (乗ったことないけど)、対応にびっくりしました。修理はするが、送料は顧客負担で送るように、と言われると思ったのですが、わざわざ大阪から神戸まで修理にいらしてくださるとは。しかも、3万円もしないソファなのです。こういうさわやかなサービスを受けると、やはり、そのブランドへの好感度がアップしますね。

そのブランドとは、KEYUKA です。

I noticed that one of the legs of my sofa was unsteady while moving into the new apartment. As I realized that it's in the warranty term, I called the furniture shop that sold the sofa. The shop clerk answered said "We are sorry that it became unsteady. We'll visit you to fix it soon. When is the convenient time for you?"

Then, one of the shop clerk visited my apartment with her repairing tools in the weekend. She tighten the screw with her hexagonal jack and she also replaced felt covers to new ones.

I asked her: "I'll do it by myself next time, so could you tell me how to do it?" Then she taught me how to do it with my hexagonal jack. Now that I know how to use a hexagonal jack!

It was a nice surprise. This is like a first-class service ( though I've never taken a first class on the plane)! I thought that they would tell me to send it back to them with the postage paid by a customer. However, they visited me from Osaka to Kobe though the sofa cost only less than 30,000 yen. I realized that my affinity with that brand went up with this nice service.

The brand is KEYUKA.

にほんブログ村 英語ブログへ

by kobewindy | 2013-05-20 19:48 | Marketing / Business

ご縁 Connection





Though I was a bit down last week, I encouraged myself to do something and attended a business networking event held by a foreign institute. I guess it's really good to do something positive no matter how small it is. There were some new network opportunities for me, one of which resulted in a meeting between my friend and a person I met at the event. I thought what my friend does was a good match to what the other one does. So, I talked about them separately, and after a few emails and phone calls on that day, they ended up deciding to meet up next week.

I'm very happy that I could contribute to those two people.

Relation and connection is like a treasure.

にほんブログ村 英語ブログ 英語で仕事へ
by kobewindy | 2013-04-21 22:42 | Marketing / Business

To share or not? シェアする? しない?




I found this promotion on facebook. If you find this on your friends' wall, would you "share" this on your wall?

According to this shared article, a department store, Takashimaya Kashiwa is planning to give organic chocolates to kindergarden in Minamisoma city (one of the disaster area of Tsunami). Depending on the number of share of Facebook users about this information, Takashimaya will decide the number of chocolate to give, up to 200. I think it's good. However, since the objective of this ad is to attract more people to the store, it should be called "promotion", rather than philanthropy.

Do I think things too complicatedly?


にほんブログ村 英語ブログへ

by kobewindy | 2013-02-06 22:00 | Marketing / Business

iPad in Restaurant Business


先週ミネアポリス空港のレストランで撮ったスナップです。 iPadがすべてのテーブルに配置されています。

iPadにメニューが入っていて、iPadから入力するとキッチンに情報が直接行き、スピーディーにオーダーできるという仕掛け。ホールスタッフの人件費が効率化でき、iPadを"引き"に客引きつけられるというレストラン側のメリットがあるようです。( USA Todayの解説はこちら→ )

観察していて、これはレストランだけではなく、Apple社のメリットも大きいと思いました。なんといっても、子供達が iPadをさわるのに夢中になっているのです。体験してしまうと「これお誕生日に買ってー」「これサンタさんにお願いする〜」っていう事になるんではないでしょうかね。


I took this photo at a restaurant in Minneapolis International Airport. There are iPads on all tables. It seems orders directly go to the kitchen from menu on iPad, which will make the order process fast and streamline the process to cut down a cost of waiters/waitresses. iPad may also attract more guests to the restaurants because of its uniqueness. ( Click here for an article of USA Today )

By looking at children who were avidly tapping iPads, I believed this scheme may bring much more benefits to Apple than restaurants. Once children learn how interesting iPad is, they would ask their parents to buy it or they would ask ask Santa Claus to bring iPad next time, wouldn't they?

Personally, I suspected this kind of restaurant may not be very good in terms of taste of dishes because it's relying on a gimmick, rather than taste alone, but I think the idea and mechanism itself is very interesting.

にほんブログ村 英語ブログ 英語で仕事へ
by kobewindy | 2013-01-12 09:01 | Marketing / Business

プロモーション事例: Marketing Promotion; "don't FLY DRY"


空港セキュリティー通過後エリアのレストランで見つけたこのアイテム、いいと思いません? なぜって。。。

  • 売店ではなくレストランのテーブルで売るというアイデア(目立つ)

  • "don't FLY DRY"というシンプルでわかりやすいコピー




I found this on a table of restaurant located in the area after going through security check. I wonder which ad agency planned this. I think it's an outstanding idea because:

  • It's sold on the table of restaurants not at stores, which make this product distinct.

  • The copy; "don't FLY DRY" is simple and compehensive.

Since I'm working as a marketer, this kind of bright idea makes me want to praise a person in charge who made this idea come true. Implementation must have not been so easy. Even though there is a good campaign idea, there are always people who are concerned or against it. They would say "Negotiation with restaurants is not easy" or "It cannot generate so much incremental sales." Still, I assume the person in charge strongly held his(her) opinion and successfully negotiated with restaurants. I think it might not directly increase sales immediately, but it can increase product awareness without so much media cost, which is very smart.

にほんブログ村 英語ブログ 英語で仕事へ
by kobewindy | 2013-01-08 07:22 | Marketing / Business

自分事にする Putting on someone's shoes



I finished business in Tokyo and came back to Kobe.
The presentation by the colleagues from UK was very good and I think I did my best to fulfill my role.
It was fun to work with them because they were not only hard workers, but they are ones who had good sense of humor.

I don't know whether the result is going to be good or not yet, but we just have to wait what God will do after doing our very best. I believe the most important thing for marketing consultants is to think about the client intensively and to put on their shoes. I think we could do that.

にほんブログ村 英語ブログ 英語で仕事へ <-まだまだな部分もあるけど・・・
by kobewindy | 2012-06-16 22:30 | Marketing / Business

スマートフォンアプリ  Smartphone Apps

昨年はクライアントのモバイルサイトに新しい機能を追加して利便性を大幅アップしました。(手前味噌)。 モバイルサイトへのアクセスが上がり調子で嬉しい〜、と喜ぶもつかの間、スマートフォンの利用率が急速に上がってきたので、今度はスマホアプリ導入に向けての準備です。

Last year, my team supported the client to add a new module on mobile site which resulted in a big improvement of usability and convenience. (Forgive me for a self-praise.) I was excited the number of access to the mobile site increased more and more, but soon I realized that we have to be prepared for the next move; the development of a smartphone apps.



Because of that, I am downloading various smartphone apps from the similar industries, different industries, from Japan and abroad to find the best practices. I think that most of the smartphone apps focus on a simple functionality. But, I think it is also important that the application provides excitement to users as well as functionality. Don't you think so?

こちらは ANAのアプリ。コップピット風のTop画面がスタイリッシュです。

This is ANA Global. A cockpit-like top screen is well designed stylishly. I think this is successful in rendering a sort of excitement of travel.

こちらは American と Deltaです。

These are American Airlines and Delta. These are convenient in terms that you can access the necessary information quickly. But I wish it could also promote some sort of emotional bonding between brands and consumers. Of course, the major premise is that the simple and useful functionality.

If possible, I'd appreciate it if you could tell me your favorite smartphone apps.
にほんブログ村 英語ブログへ

by kobewindy | 2012-04-21 10:12 | Marketing / Business

日本復興の物語  A Story of Japan's Renaissance

I found a positive perspective about Japanese economy in an atricle of English newspaper "The Observer".
日本経済についてポジティブな記事を英紙"The Observer"で発見。

"What's the story of the next decade? The rebirth of Japan" (1 April, 2012, "The Observer")

「題名: これから10年の日本再生への展開いかに?」(2012年4月1日付「オブザーバー」紙)

The article says that despite of several obstacles for the rebirth; such as the broken financial system and the issue of nuclear power plants and so forth, Japan still has a strong potential to grow for its high-tech capabilities and high quality services. If Japan could reset its macroeconomic policy, there is an enormous pool of dynamic hi-tech medium-sized firms that could immediately grow very fast.


It even says that the Asian story of the next decade will be Japan's renaissance and China's relapse.


I like this very positive and encourating story because we Japanese are often overwhlemed by the enormous issues such as the huge national debt, the lack of political leadership, the aging society and so forth.


I was encouraged by this article personally as well because as an only Japanese staff in the organization with about 4,000 employees, I sometimes wonder what my strengths and special values are. As this article said, the Japanese are good at providing sensitive and detailed services with high quality. We have many superior marketing techniques so that I can introduce them to foreign staff. I think we should positively provide and appeal those strengths consciously both as organizations and individuals.

個人的にも励まされる。外資系企業に勤める者として、4000人の社員の中で唯一の日本人である私の強みって? 私の付加価値は?って時々考えるので。 そうだ、この記事にあるように、日本人はキメ細かいサービス、質の高いサービス分野が得意だった! 先端のマーケティング手法もあるから紹介できるし。得意な部分を意識して出して行こう。組織としても、個人的にも。

にほんブログ村 英語ブログへ
by kobewindy | 2012-04-10 19:52 | Marketing / Business

ピンタレスト利用者増加 The Rise of Pinterest

ピンタレスト(Pinterest)は、テーマにあわせた 好きな写真や映像を収集・展示していくSNS。


2012年1月のサイト訪問数は 8千900万。Facebookの5分の1にせまる勢い。

こちらは New York Timesの関連記事。


Pinterest is a SNS where users can create curated collections of photographs around a topic, like furniture, fancy cakes or fashion trends like floral fabrics.

The number of users is surging in the US, 89MM visitors in Jan 2012, which is about 1/5 of Facebook visitors.

This is an article about Pinterest in New York Times.

Slowly, I think the number of users in Japan is increasing recently.
I believe it can be a next big hit in Japan after Facebook.

by kobewindy | 2012-04-01 22:04 | Marketing / Business